• Hello AusMums, 

    My name is Kate Meade and I am the Founder of the Victorian Dance Festival ( I am the Mother of three children: Charlotte (13), Paddy (9) & Chester (7). I am the President of the Australian Dance Initiative Inc, Board member of the Warrnambool Special Development School, Festival Director of the Peterborough Seaside Festival, Sponsorship Manager for the Terang Country Music Festival & Producer & Project Manager for the Australian Teachers of Dancing. I also don't know how to switch off! I'm a mum & I love what I do. I couldn't imagine doing anything else!

    I have a Masters in Media & Communications which I completed after I had Chester. 

    I have been a Mumpreneur for 10 years! 

    The festival really took off after I sold my dance school, at the same time my youngest son Chester was diagnosed with Autism.

    I was incredibly lucky to be a finalist in the AusMumpreneur of the year in 2016. I have been telling everyone that will listen that it was the best conference I have attended. I just had to join the network.

    I'm here looking for connection (which kind of sounds now like I'm writing a singles post). What I LOVED most about from the conference was being completely surrounded by like minded women. I admit, I cried in one of the sessions. It was such a relief. I simply thought..... these are my people.

    I live on the Great Ocean Road in a small town called Peterborough. It takes me three hours to drive or 40 minutes to fly to Melbourne once a week. But I sure do love my trips to Melbourne!

    Our 2017 Event (the Victorian Dance Festival) is tipped to host well over 5000 attendees from all over Australia. At least 500 of them will be small business owners & many of them Mums. The Event will be held at the Melbourne Town Hall. 

    I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with AusMums!

    Thanks for having me Peace & Katy.

  • Hi Mumpreneurs I'm Aasha Venning the founder of Confidant and I provide women with a simple solution to light bladder leakage (LBL) so you no longer have to pad the problem. I'm a mum of two kids 6 and 8 (three if you include my husband) and love being active. When I was 38 I suffered from bladder leaks whilst running and was utterly mortified. I went home bawled in the shower, however that devastating day sent me on a journey which led to the formation of Confidant.  What is Confidant - its a medical device worn like a tampon that stops LBL its owned by me and made here in Australia. I started in August last year and it is great to have joined this network. If you have have a question about LBL feel free to PM nothing is too embarrassing to ask. For more information on confidant visit  I'm also excited to be sharing this business journey with a group of amazing mums! x Aasha 

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